August 2, 2021

France tries to verify if Emmanuel Macron’s laptop has been “infected”

After being taken aback, the Elysee tries to show that the matter is under control. Two days after the revelations by the organization Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International with sixteen international media, including The world, of the presence of Emmanuel Macron’s phone among the potential targets of the Pegasus spyware, the Head of State tried to regain control, by convening, Thursday, July 22, an “exceptional” defense council dedicated to this case.

At the end of this meeting, the Elysee Palace announced that, out of prudence, “The president himself changed telephone and telephone number for certain exchanges”. “A certain number of security protocols have been readjusted, in particular around the President of the Republic”, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said, explaining that this meeting had “Allowed to have a stopover point” on ongoing investigations.

“Caution remains in order”

Because, if a phone of Mr. Macron was indeed among the potential targets of Pegasus, the top of the state is continuing its verification operations to determine whether this device has indeed been “Infected”. For the moment, “No certainty at this stage has emerged, so caution remains in order”, ensures the Elysee. Journalistic investigation “Does not say if any data has been ‘removed’ from it, and so this is what is being looked at”, Mr. Attal said. In the meantime, Mr. Macron “Is following this file as closely as possible and takes this matter very seriously”, emphasizes those around him.

The president “never communicated sensitive information on a potentially spyable phone”, assures Gabriel Attal, spokesman of the government

While Israeli spyware was allegedly used by Moroccan intelligence services to hack Mr. Macron’s phone, executive says it wants “Proceed in order”, before possibly publicly implicating Rabat. “We must already see if his phone has been infected, if there is indeed a link with Morocco, then know if we assume to make it a subject of diplomatic crisis with this country. We are not there yet ”, explains a close friend of the head of state World. For its part, Morocco has promised an investigation into the “unfounded accusations” according to which it used the software of the Israeli firm NSO Group for espionage purposes.

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