August 2, 2021

“Our method is not the ecology of small steps, it is the ecology of the marathon”

Pnobody serious denies the urgency to act against climate change and the collapse of biodiversity. The terrible bad weather of recent days in Europe reminds us once again. But, as we enter the “hard” part of the ecological transition, the key question is that of the method, of “how to do it”. This requires the construction of an ecology which places itself at the center of the political game and which takes the whole of society. This is what we have started to do in France since 2017, and it is this dynamic that we must accelerate.

For four years, the government and the majority have done a lot: stopping the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport project and the EuropaCity project to preserve agricultural land, voting for one of the greenest recovery plans »In the world, according to the UN, passage of a law on the circular economy, which has placed France at the head of the gradual end of single-use plastic … In Europe, France has taken action to enhance our objectives and our climate legislation, to say no to Mercosur as it stands, to create a carbon adjustment mechanism at the borders and to give birth to the European recovery plan of 750 billion euros, of which at least 37% will be used to accelerate the fight against climate change …

Imagine the sequel

We can be proud that international rankings place France among the leaders in climate action. But, we know, we will have to do even more tomorrow, because the decade 2020-2030 is the one where we will win the climate battle, or the one where we will lose it.

“We only have one generation to transform our economy, even though our societies have been building on fossil fuels for two centuries”

To achieve this, our method is the ecology of government. It is to negotiate the necessary transitions with the economic and social actors, it is to transform without fracturing. Our method is not the incantation or the permanent confrontation of excessive ecology. Nor is it the inaction of right-wing retrograde conservatism that is leading us into the climate and economic wall by refusing to take the turns of the jobs of tomorrow. It is a credible ecology that leaves no one by the wayside. It is not the ecology of small steps, it is the ecology of the marathon, aware that we are in a race against time and that we only have one generation to transform our economy, whereas this Our societies have been built on fossil fuels for two centuries.

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